What Makes Our Approach to Selling Your Home So Different Than Most Other Agents

Are you ok with your agent doing the bare minimum to sell your home?

Or would you prefer an agent that goes above and beyond to make sure your home sells fast and for the most amount of money possible?

Our marketing approach is very unique compared to what most other agents do.  Over the years we have studied which marketing techniques work and which ones don’t and we have been able to develop a marketing approach that has been so successful that our listings consistently beat the market in Average Days to Sell.

In fact, most of our listings sell within 20 days of being listed. (The market average is 99 days based on 6/2019 MLS stats)

Simply placing a sign in the yard and listing it on the MLS is not a good marketing strategy for selling a home!

As listing agents, we feel our job is to get as many qualified buyers as possible to walk through the front door of your home. That is why every step in our marketing approach is designed to do just that. Where advertising refers to the placement of a particular ad in a magazine or online, marketing, on the other hand, refers to a series of actions that when put together creates a promotion of a home to a targeted audience.  That is how we sell homes.

The following steps, when put together, make up our Unique Marketing Approach.

Step 1 – Professional Photography

In the old days before the internet, a buyer’s first chance to see your house was when they actually set foot inside. Nowadays buyer’s start their search online. If the pictures they see are not pleasing they will skip your listing and go on to the next.

It’s amazing the number of listings I come across on a daily basis that have bad pictures. There is absolutely no excuse as to why every listing cannot have professional photographs taken.

By having professional photographs taken, the house is displayed in the very best way and draws potential buyers to it right away.  This is the first time a buyer will see your home and if it does not give them a great first impression you’ve lost that buyer forever.

The photographers we use produce excellent photos of homes drawing in potential buyers that want to find out more about your home.

Step 2 – Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

In addition to Professional Photography, we also produce Interactive 3D Virtual Tours.

With today’s technology, we have the opportunity to place the buyers inside your home and allow them to walk around and see your home as if they were actually standing there.

Similar to Google’s Street View, our interactive 3D tours allow potential buyers to virtually walk through your home and preview your entire house, including all rooms from all angles, as if they were physically there.

This is the next step in the evolution of home selling. Buyers will be captivated as they use this new technology to preview homes.  Buyers that physically visit your home after viewing the virtual tour will more likely be ready to place an offer.  The interactive 3D tours also provide the possibility to increase the number of potential buyers by capturing out-of-town buyers as well!

Click here to check out our live DEMO.

Step 3 – Mobile Ready Property Website

The next step in our marketing approach is to produce a mobile ready webpage specifically for your listing. The term “mobile ready” refers to the webpage looking just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer.  Today most of the internet surfing is done from mobile phones.  If the website does not look good on a mobile device the surfer will move on to something else.

The property webpage includes the professional photos, the interactive 3D tour, all the property information, and a way for the buyer to schedule a private showing.

Step 4 – Yard Sign w/ Info Rider

Where permitted, we place a For Sale Sign with an information rider attached. The information rider includes a website address that will point to the property webpage. This will allow potential buyers that drive by to get more information about your house and see the photos and the interactive 3D tour.

By allowing a way for buyers driving by to see the property webpage it will provide an opportunity to show your house to the buyer while they are in the area.

Step 5 – Social Media Advertising

Prior to the internet, homes for sale were advertised in newspapers and magazines. However, those media avenues are no longer effective in reaching a large audience.

Social Media, on the other hand, is the perfect advertising source to target buyers looking for a home just like yours.  

We advertise our listings on Social Media prior to our Strategic Open House in order to get the maximum amount of exposure and increase the number of potential buyers that show up during the open house.

Step 6 – Online Retargeting

Online retargeting is a way to advertise to buyers that have already seen your home listing and remind them about the upcoming open house.

How it Works: Have you ever been shopping online, and you look at a particular product, for example; a pair of shoes?  You decide not to buy them and continue surfing the internet.  Over the next few days as you surf the internet you constantly see advertising for the same pair of shoes. You are being retargeted to remind you about the shoes you were looking at.

We do the same online retargeting with your home.  As potential buyers visit your home’s webpage, they begin to see advertising as they surf the internet reminding them of the upcoming open house.  This part of our marketing keeps your home fresh in the buyer’s mind, so they don’t forget to attend the open house.

Step 7 – Strategic Open House

This is by far our favorite strategy in our marketing arsenal. It is so effective that many of our listings receive multiple offers due to the Strategic Open House.  

How it works: While normal open houses are not very effective at getting a home sold, our Strategic Open House is specifically designed to not only get your home sold but to obtain multiple offers as well.  When we first list a house on the MLS we also deploy our marketing steps that you see above.

The strategy is that we do not allow anyone to see your home until the day of the open house. Our Strategic Open House is held open for only one hour.  So as potential buyers see the new listing with great photos and the interactive 3D tour they will want to come see it right away.

By not allowing the buyers access to see your home until the day of the open house it creates a buzz and a sense of urgency. The day of the open house all the buyers that wanted to see your home will show up during that one-hour time period.  When buyers that are interested in your home see other buyers that might also be interested, they will feel the need to submit an offer right away or risk losing your house to someone else.    

Like I said before, this strategy works so well it has become our favorite part of our Marketing System.